Hotel Policy

Responsible Service of Alcohol-

  • Staff members will not serve alcohol to unduly intoxicated patrons.

  • When refusing service, staff will always ensure that they’re not illegally discriminating against any person.

  • Staff members will encourage patron to partake of non-alcoholic drinks, coffee etc. at the early signs of intoxication. Free coffee is available in the Gaming Room and free water is available from all bars.

  • Staff members must not serve alcohol to persons who have not attained the age of eighteen years.

  • Staff members will only accept one of the following current photographic identification as proof of age:

- Australian or foreign Driver’s License (Photographic and recognisable DOB)

- Australian or foreign Passport (Photographic and recognisable DOB)

- Government issued Proof of Age card

- Approved OLGR Keypass Identity Card

  • Disruptive, disorderly or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Duty Managers, Department Managers and Supervisors can refuse service of alcohol to patrons who are behaving in a disruptive manner.

  • Duty Managers, Department Managers and Supervisors are to request people who have been refused service of alcohol to leave the premises.

  • Staff members will encourage patrons to consume a meal where possible whilst on premises.

  • Managers will ensure patrons leaving the Hotel have easy access to taxis.

  • Management will provide an adequate number of security staff to ensure that only patrons over the age of eighteen years who have approved means of identification are permitted to remain on the premises after 10pm.

  • Management ensures that all intoxicated or unruly persons will be denied access.

  • Management will provide adequate number of security staff inside the venue to ensure that patrons are behaving in an acceptable manner and that the rules of RSA are being adhered to.

  • Management will do everything possible to ensure a safe environment for patrons and a safe working environment for employees.

  • We will not serve any jugs of beer after 12am.

  • We will not serve any shots or bombs after 12am.

  • We will not serve doubles after 12am.

  • We will only serve cocktails off our cocktail list after 12am.

  • We will only serve one drink per person after 1:30am on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • We will offer complimentary soft drink for the designated driver of any group – conditions apply please ask to speak with a manager.

  • All unattended drinks will be taken from there found location and disposed of without a refund – an unattended drink is defined as a drink that can be easily taken without anyone noticing. This is to combat drink spiking.

  • Security and floor staff will regularly check to ensure that patrons are not accumulating drinks at tables.

  • Alcohol promotions will not be conducted in such a way to encourage excessive or binge drinking.

If you wish to discuss any of the above house policies, please ask to see the Manager on duty.

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Nicholas Moring

Venue Manager (The Glen Hotel)